We’ll be on campus throughout the day giving out bookmarkers, t-shirts, wristbands…..Welcome PCC!

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Good afternoon business students and faculty of PCC! We will be on campus giving out CCOB paraphilia to business students today. When we get 75% of business students to sign up CCOB will set up at the Business building and purchase lunch for the entire Business department. Than will be just one of our ways of giving back. CCOB will set you on the Who You Know path, that’s right The Connected College of Business aka The “CoB” aka “The Best Next Thing!” will be the most qualitative social network on the planet. Why? Because everything is a business, from the Hospital that you’re born in to the Funeral home that leave in and everything in between. It’s our mission to CONNECT you with business students before you that can open up a door, with Businesses that will be joining and recruiting from The “CoB”, as well as other business people and investors that may be an asset in some way even if nothing but for some advice, a laugh or the sharing of an experience. So join us, like us, share us and share with us.

Thank you and Welcome the CCOB! We are glad to have you. Business and Fun1

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